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Financial Management Consultancy Solutions

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Malogra Financial Consultancy steps in at this point, providing professional financial management consultancy services to companies. Through financial management consultancy, we aim to enable your company to achieve various gains such as the preparation and monthly monitoring of annual budgets, preparation and analysis of statistical data like sales reports and balance sheets, handling of banking transactions and accounts receivable management, conducting credit and risk management at minimum costs, ensuring optimal cash management, reducing financial costs, and increasing profitability.

In this way, both your financial costs are reduced and your financial competence improves thanks to the correct planning of bank limit studies.

If you want to control the relationship of your company with financial institutions, we are here as Malogra Consultancy.

According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, SMEs constitute 99% of all businesses in Turkey. Around 32% of SMEs that cannot effectively manage their assets and do not seek support in financial management close within their founding year. Additionally, a significant portion struggles with expanding their operations and faces challenges in the long run. However, companies equipped with a professional financial management department take a significant step towards institutionalization by effectively managing their assets and are capable of rapidly expanding their businesses. A substantial number of companies operating in Turkey find it challenging to establish an in-house finance department due to both high personnel costs and a lack of qualified, self-developed experts in the field.

Budget Reporting and Analysis

In our Financial Reporting and Analysis service, we prepare and analyze numerous financial statements periodically tailored to your needs, such as annual budget, monthly budget tracking, sales reports, income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. By taking these steps, we aim to facilitate maximizing your company's profitability by making informed decisions and supporting controlled growth for sustainability. Through collaboration with Malogra, we can periodically prepare and analyze your current situation using balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements, allowing you to control costs, prevent mismatched liabilities, increase profitability, and thereby enable planned progress.

Bank Relationship Management

Gone are the days when companies had passive bank relationships; today, these relationships are highly active, and transaction volumes grow by the day. In our Deposit, Risk, and Bank Relationship Management service, we aim to effectively manage your existing or potential risks, ensuring maximum efficiency with minimum interest expenses. We conduct necessary studies for accurate investment strategies to secure high returns. Additionally, we strive to safeguard your company's profitability by avoiding unnecessary bank charges.

At Malogra, we can manage your company's bank relationships and, if needed, provide risk or deposit management services.

Feasibility Reports


Feasibility reports are a critical step for businesses before diving into a new project or business idea. These reports evaluate the technical, economic, financial, and operational feasibility of a project.

Project Description and Objectives: Firstly, it clearly defines what the project is and why it needs to be undertaken, setting out its objectives explicitly.

Market Research and Analysis: This involves aspects like market size, growth potential, competitors, and consumer behaviors, assessing the project's marketability and demand potential.

Technical Review: Evaluates the technical aspects of the project, necessary resources, materials, technology, and requirements. It encompasses details such as production processes, equipment, and the supply chain.


Financial Evaluation: Covers financial details such as investment costs, returns, payback period, profit margins, assessing the investment's profitability potential and risks.

Operational Plan: Encompasses the project's day-to-day operations, management, staffing requirements, and operational processes, defining the business model and operations.

Risk Analysis: Assesses potential risks the project might face and evaluates measures to mitigate these risks.

At Malogra Consultancy, you can assist your clients in analyzing their projects from these perspectives, helping them establish a strong foundation before making investments. Providing detailed and customized feasibility reports tailored to your clients' needs can support their decision-making processes. These reports serve as strategic guides aimed at minimizing risks and increasing the likelihood of project success.

Preparing an Investor Portfolio and Accompanying Investors on Tours

Services for preparing an investor portfolio and accompanying investors on tours play a significant role in a specific process where entrepreneurs or companies seek investment. This process aims to effectively present the potential and value of the business or project to investors.

Preparing Investor Portfolios:


Business Model and Strategy Analysis: Details elements such as the business model, goals, market position, and growth strategies of the company.

Market Analysis: Encompasses aspects like the size of the target market, growth potential, competitors, and marketing strategies.

Product or Service Description: Explains the features, benefits, and Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the offered product or service.

Financial Analysis: Includes historical performance data, income statements, cash flow, projections, and investment requirements.

Team and Management: Evaluates the skills, experiences of the company's team, and the potential they possess for the company's success.

Accompanying Investor Tours:


Presentation Preparation: Creating materials for presentation in front of investors and determining effective presentation techniques.

Investor Meetings and Presentations: Scheduling appointments for meetings with investors and conducting presentations.

Question-Answer and Persuasion Skills: Ability to effectively answer investor questions and persuade them to invest.

Services for preparing investor portfolios and accompanying investor tours serve as a critical tool for obtaining investment by highlighting the potential and value of the business. At Malogra Consultancy, by providing your clients with comprehensive, detailed, and persuasive investor portfolios, you can assist them in attracting investor interest and securing investments. Additionally, during investor tours, transparent communication and effective presentations can help gain investor trust. Emphasizing the strengths of your company and project during this process can facilitate investment acquisition.

Services We Provide Within the Scope of Financial Management Consultancy
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