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Domestic Field Sales Consultancy

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No matter what business you're in, even if you have a significant R&D product, or if you're selling a product everyone needs, or if you're in the service sector, if you can't sell it, you can't make money from it. And the longer you can't make money from it, the less you can endure it.

Sales is a very different dynamic from what your product and service is.

If you're complaining that your sales are low and your market share is declining, entrust the hands that know sales.

Let us undertake the management of your sales team; from sales reports to your team's sales training, from sales strategies to customer visits, we'll professionally manage all aspects related to sales and together, increase your turnover.

Sales is a very different dynamic from what your product and service is.


If you are complaining that you have low sales and your market share has fallen, entrust the hands who know the sale.

Let's undertake the management of your sales team; Let's manage all processes related to sales, from sales reports to your team's sales training, sales strategies, customer visits with a professional perspective and increase your turnover together.

Services Provided Within Domestic Sales Development Solutions

Domestic Sales Management

Domestic sales management assists businesses in successfully presenting their products and services in their domestic markets. Malogra Consulting helps optimize domestic sales processes for businesses, aiding in their growth and gaining a competitive edge.

Strategic Sales Planning: We create a sales strategy aligned with your business goals and ensure its effective implementation.

Market Research and Analysis: We analyze market needs and opportunities, enabling your business to reach its target customer base more effectively.

Training and Development of Sales Teams: We empower and support the development of your sales teams to achieve more successful results.

Tender Management

Tender management is a crucial process, especially for both public and private sector businesses. While tenders create new business opportunities, they also bring a complex and competitive environment. At Malogra Consulting, we assist businesses in effectively managing their tender processes.

Preparation and Strategy for Tendering: We guide you in preparing the necessary documents for tender participation and creating strategies.

Proposal Preparation and Evaluation: We support you in preparing and evaluating proposals submitted for tenders.

Contract Management: Our expert consultants are here to guide you in managing post-tender contracts and your obligations.

At Malogra Consulting, we're here to assist businesses in managing their domestic sales and tender management processes more effectively and competitively. Contact us to contribute to your business success and create a tailored solution for your needs.

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