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Permit and Certification Services

Permission and Certification Services play a critical role in ensuring businesses comply with legal requirements and operate smoothly. At Malogra Consultancy, we offer our expertise in this field to our clients. We handle permission and certification processes with understanding and provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of businesses.

BTK Registration and IMEI Matching

In today's rapidly evolving technology landscape, BTK (Information and Communication Technologies Authority) registration and IMEI matching services are essential for the legal use of mobile devices. At Malogra Consultancy, we guide our clients through the processes of BTK registration and IMEI matching. We offer our expertise to ensure your mobile devices are registered in compliance with legal requirements.

Second-Hand Machinery Import License

Importing second-hand machinery involves specific permissions. At Malogra Consultancy, we assist businesses in preparing the necessary documents to obtain these permissions required for importing second-hand machinery. We provide guidance on obtaining the necessary licenses and managing the process.

Residence Permit and Work Permit for Foreigners

Obtaining a residence and work permit in Turkey for foreigners can be a complex process. At Malogra Consultancy, we guide and facilitate residence and work permit applications for foreigners. Our expert consultants assist in preparing the required documents, following up on applications, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Citizenship Procedures

Citizenship procedures involve the process of transitioning to Turkish citizenship for foreign nationals. At Malogra Consultancy, we guide you in preparing and presenting citizenship applications to the relevant authorities. Our aim is to simplify this intricate process and ensure the success of your applications.


Our goal at Malogra Consultancy is to support our clients in smoothly conducting their businesses and complying with legal requirements. Contact us to contribute to your business's success, and let's create a tailored solution to meet your needs.

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