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Message from Our Founder


By making a sudden decision to bid farewell to the corporate world in 2014, my aim on this journey was to institutionalize the business processes of numerous companies while increasing financial awareness, thereby enhancing productivity and profitability in parallel.

Throughout this journey, I've had the opportunity to work with numerous entrepreneurs and companies, listen to various ideas, evaluate them, and add value to the operations of many firms from different sectors and scales.

Since our inception, our fundamental principle has always been to provide companies with services based on transparent, honest, and clear information. We aimed to connect companies with the right financial management solutions tailored to their needs, ultimately resulting in increased profitability.

We were aware of the misinterpretation of the term 'consultancy' and the prejudices formed by some companies due to incorrect attempts, and unfortunately, the belief that no professional competence was required in this field. However, none of these were enough to divert us from our path. With the same enthusiasm and belief as day one, we have been continuing our work transparently for the past 7 years.

During a time when financial awareness was much lower than today, we aimed to increase this awareness. Over the years, we've put a lot of effort into educating all businesses and entrepreneurs in our country, enabling them to take the right steps and create sustainable businesses. We believe that a country's financial strength stems from the robust structures of its businesses and the magnitude of its commerce. While offering financial management consultancy to businesses, we have moved forward with the understanding that not only microeconomically but also macroeconomically, the development of businesses is crucial for the progress of our country. We take pride in our past achievements and continue our journey with the same goal.

Today, we take great joy in being able to provide services that encompass all of Turkey, and we proudly extend our successes internationally by taking steps to offer our services abroad. This success is the success of our entire team, our clients, and our business partners. In this context, as Malogra Consultancy, while swiftly reaching our new goals, we extend our gratitude to our hardworking team, our dedicated staff who put their hearts into their work, and our clients who have always lifted us higher.


Founder of Malogra Consultancy and Financial Management Expert

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