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Turkey's export potential is increasing day by day, thanks to the support programs constantly updated by the Ministry of Commerce and the advantages provided to exporting companies. These comprehensive updates and grant supports provide Turkish companies and the export of domestic products with a competitive advantage in the global market.

Thanks to these supports; 1. Expanding into New Target Markets:

The latest updates of the Ministry of Commerce have paved the way for exports by refinancing many expenditure items that exporters will make to open up to new target markets. Turkish companies will now be able to more effectively reach markets that were not focused on before. In this context, there is a wide range of sectors that will benefit from export supports. Whether you are a goods exporter or a service exporter, it is possible to develop your business with these supports.

2. Updated Support Amounts:

Updated support programs offer more financial opportunities to exporters. The increased support rates were determined to increase trade volume and increase the international competitive advantage of Turkish companies. To give an example of increased support rates, the "Unit Rental Support" that you can benefit from if you rent an area such as an office or warehouse abroad was 3,619,000 TL per unit last year, but thanks to the renewed support amounts, the support amount that can be received per unit has been updated to 5,591,174 TL.

Likewise, the amount of advertising support that can be received in 2024 is 11,183,893 TL.

If you would like to learn about these and similar increasing support rates and sectors and make support inquiries for your company, you can contact us.

3. Easy Export with Export Financing:

These and similar export support updates aim to make Turkish businesses more competitive in the international market, especially by supporting SMEs. There are many support items provided to exporters of goods and services, and updates are expected in their scope and amounts throughout the year, as in the support of the Ministry of Commerce. It is possible to receive support for your expenses such as advertising and promotion expenses, unit rental expenses, fair participation and business travels to improve your exports.

These updates and improvements aim to provide Turkish exporters with a greater competitive advantage in the international market. By using these support programs effectively, Turkish businesses can play a more active role in the global arena and increase their exports. We predict that these steps of the Ministry of Commerce will add positive momentum to Turkey's economic growth and foreign trade volume.

Do not forget to contact us for detailed information.


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